A rain soul run – leaving my comfort zone

A run in the rain… and all is well?! Well it definitely works for me. Yesterday I got up and looked out of the window street side and all seemed gloomy. The sky was grey and it was raining raining raining. Then I looked out the back window and saw our garden. Things on this side didn’t look that bad. It was raining on this side too, but with the garden scenery, the rain no longer seemed that gloomy. Read more

Never too late!. MoveRoot practising hard stuff..

Hey Wild People, today something different. Since I turned 39/40 I’ve turned from really unhealthy to pretty well fit and healthy and so I have accomplished quite a lot for myself. I’ve learned to run properly, to use my body well, in a crossfit seminar I learned how to lift weights properly, and I ran the Strongman Run twice and finished right up front both times. I’ve never been so mobile, enduring and strong as I have become. yet there are still quite a few things I still would like to learn and master. Read more