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Welcome to Moveroot!

Dear Friend,

I am Wild-Horse, founder and CEO of MOVEROOT.

MoveRoot is an invitation to discover the great qualities of a modern paleo lifestyle, resolving in a high level of energy, health and fitness. Engaging in a natural paleo lifestyle is going to make your life more sexy, more juicy and a lot more exciting!

I feel we need to reconnect with our natural roots, to move back to the core of who we are by becomng engaged with nature and regaining a natural state of heart, mind, body and spirit by cultivating healthy natural habits.

We are renaturing ourselves on all levels…

– rediscovering nutritonal habits that are friendly to our bodies and provide us with maximum energy,

– learning to move through nature easily and gently,

– becoming aware of our natural surroundings, the seasons and cycles,

– getting rooted in nature and within ourselves, making us emotionally balanced and creating a clear flexible mind for everyday challenges,

– working out playfully and functionally achieving physical strength, speed, endurance, flexibility and balance.

OFF01Working this way, using various techniques that strengthen our bodies, balance our emotions, clear our minds and enable us to have a strong vision for ourselves, and practising these in direct engagement with nature, we can achieve a state of fitness that is truely functional on all levels.

This is truely Outdoor Functional Fitness!

Not that many years ago I was pretty skinny and living a really unhealthy life. I had bad eating habits, drank too much coffee and beer and not enough water, didn’t allow myself to get enough sleep and didn’t work-out; and even though I always lead an interesting and varied life I exhausted myself constantly by the way I was living it. To put it plainly my lifestyle was no good at all for any aspect of my health and I was maneuvering myself closer and closer to breakdown.

I met my decision change my life and work myself into strengh and health on a long journey through South-East Asia, at that time I stopped smoking which was the first step of focus towards a much juicier life. I realized that I wanted to feel deeply rooted on this planet and become strong and endurant, relaxed and free. I was going to learn to look after myself! I was going to renature myself!

Now, years later I have gone through a great healthy transformation; it has become my passion to get outside, to move to my roots, to enjoy generating this new healthy me. It has become my passion to encourage others to renature their lives because it is so beautiful to see so many shining people. Moveroot is my invitation to you to share my experience with you.

In my own life I have achieved good health, balanced eating habits, physical strength, endurance, speed and flexibility and emotionally I am a lot more balanced and happy.

My decision to become fully engaged with myself and with nature, and to work towards health and happiness has become a true passion. My life has changed so much for the better and constantly is.
As I move on to my roots my life becomes more and more juicy while I get out in nature, getting engaged, eating well, becoming rooted and doing great functional training. Now I am here for you specializing in Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness.

A modern paleo lifestyle generating paleo fitness is my idea of a holistic way of achieving great health in mind, body, heart and spirit.

Wild-Horse 10/2014

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