Quick cook for my work break next day

Eating during your mid-day break at work… and eating well, how does that work? Easy… just have a look at my video below and see me quickly prepare one of the endless variety of fast take-away meals there are, delicious and healthy too.

This meal took about 20 minutes in all, 10 minutes washing and cutting, 10 minutes cooking. It fed my wife and myself that evening, plus having 2 day portions to take to work. That’s one to take with me in a small container and one for the fridge. usually I’ll have a bit of fruit and some nuts with me too and that’ll get me through my day, even doing hard physical work.

Often I’ll just cook a larger portion of our evening meal and freeze some portions of it. This way I always have a variety to choose from when I need something for my break. I heat it and put it back in it’s box to take with me next day.
I do have phases when I prefere raw foods or lot’s of fat. This does vary.

but now have a look at my video and watch me conjure a great lunch.
get outside and move to your roots!
wild-horse 10/2017

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