Thai-style wok with baby squid and veggies

Is this feeling of longing for summer and sunshine on a dull winter day familiar to you? I get this kind of feeling often enough, and one thing I sometimes do about it is to cook something that transports me straight to Thailand or any other great holiday place.

The other day I did just this, quickly I went shopping the few things I was going to need and then took my wok off the shelf and off I went.

The wok standing on my hearth, ready for action, I first washed, cut and prepared all my ingredients. This ensures I don’t get into a muddle later on while cooking, and can cook swiftly while staying by my wok. So before you have a look at my inspiring video below, in which I show you my making of this great summer like dish, I’ll give you a list of the ingredients you’ll need to copy this delicious recipe.

-fresh ginger chopped up really fine
-1 or 2 small hot red chilli peppers, chopped
-1 stem of lemon grass chopped really fine
All this is heated in the wok in coconut oil.

-2 Onions, diced
-a good handful of baby squid (bought frozen at the Thai shop)
-3 cloves of crushed garlic
-5 diced tomatoes
-2 spring onions (mistakenly I think I call them chives in the video)
-a few shots of fish sauce (from the Thai store, the brand without sugar or additives)
-1 bundle of morning glory (a Thai veggie)
-the juice of one lime

Wishing you bon Appetit, and great summer feeling while enjoying this light summer meal!
Enjoy my video and copy my recipe!
Get outside and move to your roots!
wild-horse 12/2017

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