Tomato veggie dish with coconut breaded schnitzel

Hey wild One, here we are again in MoveRoot’s quick and delicious Paleo kitchen. Today I have my full moon special for you, cooked yesterday. An Asian style vegetable dish with schnitzel breaded with coconut flour. absolutely delicious!

As I always do, I washed, cut and prepared all the ingredients first, as that saves time and prevents getting muddled up later on during cooking.

Here are my ingredients for the veggie dish:
coconut oil
fresh ginger
fish sauce
bell pepper
morning glory (water spinach) or you could use pak choi or similar
lime juice

For the schnitzels you need:
butter or ghee
thinly cut schnitzels
egg yolk
coconut flour

Watch my video below to see how I put all the ingredients together and make a smashing meal! Then it’s your turn to try this paleo special.
Get outside and move to your roots!
wild-horse 11/2017

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