MoveRoot on X-mas, Yule and regeneration during winter

Hi Wild Ones, Now we’re really heading for Christmas, or in fact, most of the western world is rushing towards it. But who remembers the idea of Yule, of Winter Solstice, of diving into the shadows..?

Nature around us has gone to sleep, nature has drawn herself back into the earth, into roots, into hibernation or migration. Life’s tender light is being protected by slowing down and taking care, by creating peace and by introspection. It’s only us humans who seem to think we are so in control of everything that we can afford to swim against nature’s stream and work even harder now. Working, earning more money, getting more done, pushing a little bit harder, for this one perfect moment in time, Christmas! how stupid we are!

We are natural beings on this beautiful planet, and part of a wonderful system. We are part of life, of nature’s cycles, it is encoded in our genes and we will never in this lifetime get it all out by switching on the lights and setting our alarms. If we want to stay healthy and happy we need to look after ourselves. That also means letting go and slowing down when winter comes and the nights are long. It means allowing ourselves to protect our health-fire by becoming cosy and reflecting on ourselves after creating all spring and summer, after harvesting in autumn, now it is done. And even if it is not done, it’s not the time, we’ll have to wait until next year.

Let’s relax and slow down, have a look at how we are, who we are and what we have accomplished or not managed to accomplish during the past year, and let’s accept it as it is and find peace within ourselves. Let us reflect and dream, and when the light returns, the days become longer again, we will have the strength and vision to create a new powerful personal and collective year!

Get outside and move to your roots!
wild-horse 12/2017

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