spontaneous cleansing with sage and cedar

It was on Sunday evening, I’d kept this piece of cedar trunk, cut from top to base with a chainsaw three times, so that the notches crossed to form a Hagal rune. So this Sunday we lit our Swedish fire and out of it’s centre the star began to burn.

At first there was barley a flame, but after a while the wind began to drive the fire out of the centre and the whole trunk was burning beautifully. I sat beside this lively fire with my wife and children for a long time. All of us gazing into the dancing flames and enjoying the warmth spreading from our outdoor hearth.
What a wonderful way to spend a mild autumn evening.

After the fire had burned down and the bottom of the stump was embers, we left the fireplace and went indoors. Now was getting the kids ready for bed and all the other stuff that has to be done before a new week begins. In between I went outside and checked the fire place to make sure it was going to be safe. It was almost out and so I left it to it’s self.

Next day our son was in Kindergarten and my wife was out somewhere with our little girl when I looked out of the window to see that there was still smoke rising from the fire pit. That was even more astonishing concerning the fact that it had rained during the night. In fact it made me feel quite excited because this week things were going to change, especially in my professional life, and it seemed that this fire had carried the power from the old times into the new.

I went straight out to the fire pit with my morning coffee and first thought of relighting the fire, but realized I didn’t really have the time. But a few weeks before I had cut and dried a great load of sage. So I made a small ceremony out of bundling some sage and laying it on the glowing cedar embers and cleansing myself with it’s smoke, just to be ready for a clean new beginning. It was great!

Get outside and move to your roots!
wild-horse 10/2017

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