A rain soul run – leaving my comfort zone

A run in the rain… and all is well?! Well it definitely works for me. Yesterday I got up and looked out of the window street side and all seemed gloomy. The sky was grey and it was raining raining raining. Then I looked out the back window and saw our garden. Things on this side didn’t look that bad. It was raining on this side too, but with the garden scenery, the rain no longer seemed that gloomy.

So I decided to go on the run that I’d been looking forward to go on this Sunday. I got dressed for running and headed directly for the countryside. It was amazingly worth it. As I left the house, I thought I might as well go for 25 minutes or so, but being outside, I got into a perfect rhythm and ran for 11 kilometres, and that in 55 minutes. Surrounded by natures elements, I quickly began to let go.

It wasn’t long before every bit of bother I might have had still from last weeks work or whatever was washed away. And now, as my creative vision stepped in, I affirmed my creative thoughts as mantras, while running through the rain.

This run really did me so much good. I’m happy I committed myself to doing it.
Check out my video below to get some inspiration.

Get outside and move to your roots!
wild-horse 11/2017

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