Integrating movment into your whole life

Happy Easter Wild Ones! Or better Happy Ostara! It is the time of fertility, of rising sap, the time in which nature’s thriving takes over the face of the earth. It really is spring!

Today my topic is movement. In fact I managed to go for a 13km run through the sprouting green this morning, while my family was visiting my mother in law. I thoroughly enjoyed it and came back both energized and relaxed. But to be honest, my work days the last two weeks were not outside moving through the green at all.

I’ve been welding two projects for customers of mine, great jobs, but also meaning that I spent the last two weeks in my work-shop, in all the metal dust and fumes, most of the time standing still and concentrating on creating a nice clean weld.

Still I moved as much as I could, using every opportunity to squat, when picking something up, or to twist and stretch, to lift in a correct manner, to step under and over. It’s movement that gives me energy and concentration. As Ido Portal puts it: Move because you can!

The other day a friend of mine, who has seen some of my videos on getting the most movement out of every day work, asked me what someone working at a desk in an office could do to keep up movement. Of course it seems easier at first to find movement on your way to and from your job than sitting at your desk, but that’s not all. there is always a way to get more moving benefit out of your situation. In my latest video below I show a bit of moving and then share a few ideas on just that, movement during an office job. Of course the possibilities are endless, but for now I feel my film gives enough inspiration for you to find out for yourself how to live a more moving every day life.

Enjoy the video! Get outside and move to your roots!
wild-horse 04/2018

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