MoveRoot update – and how I integrate my training at work

Hey all you Wild Ones,
It’s a while since I was just about to go down to Stuttgart to this MovNat workshop that I was telling you about, beginning of February. Well it was one weekend packed with movement, intense and natural. Two days of crawling, climbing, jumping, balancing and much more.

I had a fantastic time and I met a bunch of great people there, enthusiastic about moving naturally.

To be honest, it was so intense, that I had the worst muscle pains I can remember for a long time the following Monday, I found it difficult to walk down the stairs. And that, although we were training movement patterns that I’ve been practising all the time anyway, but never for two days 9 to 5 in one piece.

So now I know what I’ll have to be working on anyway.
All in all, the whole concept is so much up my tree, that I aim to get the first two levels of trainer certification, as soon as I’ve finished my basic fitness trainer license that I’m almost through with now. If everything goes well, I’ll be going for it end of May. This will make a perfect foundation for my professional work as a coach, working with primal movement.

In the meantime there’s a lot of studying and training to do though, and more than that, of course I have to work enough to be able to afford what I want to do. It does all cost money.
In my following video you can see a few small clips of me at work, using my work as a leg, butt and back training.

Get outside and move to your roots!
wild-horse 02/2018

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