My playful working out is really making sense!

Wow .. I went on a wood run about 3/4 hour from home the other day, one that I used to run regularly up to about 3 years ago as I had a long term building site close by. This time I was there with my family visiting some people. I took the opportunity to run this beautiful 7,5 km wood run once more with loads of hill climbing, just about all up and down in fact.

First of all it is one run I really used to enjoy, taking a building break to go for a run is one of the advantages of being self employed, and secondly as I don’t run as frequently as I used to and near here are hardly any places to practise running up hills for kilometres, so I wanted to se if I’d still easily make it covering all the altitude.
To my gerat enjoyment I have a lot more power running up hill than I did then. I run more smoothly and have a gerat permanent drive to it.

Then I used to mainly train running, plus some body-weight exercises and some martial arts. But I often trained too hard and was not as flexible in my training as I am today. Nowadays I train very playfully and do all sorts of stuff that I just would like to try out. training’s never the same twice. I don’t run more than twice a week, normally even less. And it seems this mixed playful working out is really making me strong!

Get outside/and move to your roots!
wild-horse 08/2017

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