Never too late!. MoveRoot practising hard stuff..

Hey Wild People, today something different. Since I turned 39/40 I’ve turned from really unhealthy to pretty well fit and healthy and so I have accomplished quite a lot for myself. I’ve learned to run properly, to use my body well, in a crossfit seminar I learned how to lift weights properly, and I ran the Strongman Run twice and finished right up front both times. I’ve never been so mobile, enduring and strong as I have become. yet there are still quite a few things I still would like to learn and master.

My goal at the moment is to master toe moves I want to master by the time I turn 50, so that gives me roughly four and a half years, as I am 45 now. When I’m 50 I’d like to feel I’m in my dream body, even if it is that of a 50 year old. I vision myself in full mobility, having healed some things that I haven’t quite managed right now. May sound funny, but let’s just wait and see. I have some time yet.

So on my path of learning movement I took four days to practise some of the stuff I really find very difficult. You can see me trying in my video below. Weak points for me are any exercises involving the bridge, and I really would like to become more acrobatic. That’s something I’ve never really encountered. So trying out different moves, I even manage to overcome my fear of crashing onto my back or neck trying to front hand flip. I never made it to my feet yet but I’m going there! And I really enjoyed this strenuous, totally new training.

If you want to change something or learn something, I think it’s never too late to start. Just get into motion and begin to do something about it.

Get outside and move to your roots!
wild-horse 10/2017

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