Shouldering boulders… work-out in nature

Hi Wild-Ones, no matter where you are, there is always a possibility to get into movement. The list of things you can do is really endless. However nature offers the greatest diversity and also gets us balanced and grounded just by being there. On a recent weeks holiday in the black forest with my family, I thoroughly enjoyed being outside in nature for eight days.

We’d discovered a small camping site in the woods with a limited amount of places to book and steel bowls to contain open fire. I drove there in my flip-flops, took them off at arrival, and didn’t put them back on until getting in the van again to drive home. All day I’d be walking around barefoot, over sticks and stones, climbing rocks, enjoying the soft floor of the forest and the cool water of Schluchsee, the lake we camped beside. A lot of the time, if not most, I carried my 3 year old daughter on my shoulders, because she just wouldn’t walk… there’s three year olds for you. When the kids were asleep, I’d sit outside and breathe in the coming night and listen to the rustling of the trees and the animal noises.

Whenever I discovered the chance and wasn’t bound to my little girl, I used nature to move and work out. I balanced, jumped, climbed… and I did some mobility work-outs with large rocks. The one in the video below was somewhere between fifty and sixty kilos, of course I had no scales with me to take the exact weight. have fun watching and feel inspired.

Get outside and move to your roots!
wild-horse 08/2018

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