Spring, training, preparing for MovNat schooling

Hi Wild Ones,
am I enjoying spring, now it’s finally here. Loads of sunshine, fresh spring green, blossoms. Right now I’m preparing for an intensive MovNat schooling, end of May. And it feels so much easier when the weather is warm and I can hop around in shorts again.

So right now, next to every day work, I am working through about 400 pages of manuscript and training movement every day. All in preparation for the trainer’s seminar I’ve booked end of May.
But I must say, I am really looking forward to the seminar and it’s a great feeling to be progressing as far as my physical abilities are concerned. Every day I’m gaining a little bit of mobility and confidence.

And now that it’s finally beconming warm and I can prance around in shorts, it’s really fun getting prepared. I’m also outside with my family so much at the moment, when ever we have the chance in fact.

Here is a little filmof me beginning to manage some of the movement patterns I haven’t been ao good at. It’ always worth learning new movement patterns. In fact, learning new movement patterns frees new potential in our brains, so it helps us to become more receptive and potentially more intelligent.

Get outside and move to your roots!
wild-horse 04/2018

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